Quality Differentiated Salad Greens

Aquaponics cultivation method does not use pesticides and synthetics at all. It is a method of supplying fish by-products in the form of nutrients required by plants through microbial fermentation. Unlike conventional hydroponics cultivation, aquaponics allows to grow high quality agricultural products by containing more phytochemicals such as vitamins and inorganic substances thanks to co-existence of microorganisms and plants. This natural cultivation method is not only providing consumers with the highest level of food safety, but also excellent in taste, color expression and texture.

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Intelligent Data Driven Environment Control System

The sensor collects not only temperature, humidity, Co2, light quantity, pH level, but also macro and micronutrients necessary for plant growth such as ammonia, potassium and phosphorus in the form of digital data. Data-driven environmental analysis allows you to optimize your farm's environment for each region and country. Farm managers are able to create and control their own control environment rules. Our environmental control system is operated by applying AI algorithm, and more precise environmental control allows to improve the crop quality and productivity.

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Salad Green cultivation in smart farms is about 20 times more productive compared to conventional farming methods. By controlling the impact of the external environment, it is possible to cultivate same amount of yield all year round regardless hot or cold weather. As it is possible to cultivate crops in greenhouse at a time when protected production is not, not only can the production cost be reduced, but the crop sales price can be increased by adjusting the production time.

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Designed for future-oriented agricultural farmers, our smart farms are not just production facility, but elegant and efficient construction.

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Pest Desease Management

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions are provided according to the season and the external environment of the farm. It keeps the number of insect pests below a certain level by using natural materials and controlling microorganisms.

Smart Scaling

All systems are designed based on Manna CEA's own technology, and our clients can design a farm in accordance with their wishes through the estimation program.

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What Is Aquaponics

The USDA-certified Aquaponics system is a virtuous cycle system for raising fish and plants together. Based on bio-engineering technology, it does not use chemical fertilizers as in conventional hydroponic cultures, which reduces operating costs, increases production by 15%, reduces disease risk and is relatively nutrient-rich.

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