Technological Solutions for Climate Change

The system is developed to reflect current environment agenda, such as climate change which features temperature fluctuatiations from extreme cold to exreme hot weather, through technological innovations. We deliver various cultivation system types such as chamber and multilayer growbeds in accordance with our clients wishes.

Intelligent Data Driven Environment Control System

You are able to check the environmental and growth data of the whole strawberry growing process at a glance. You can improve cultivation conditions of strawberry after analyzing the success and failure factors during previous strawberry cultivation. Our data-driven environmental control system can help you produce high quality strawberries. Besides, if your farm manager wishes to set own environmental control conditions, you can create your own strawberry growing environment.

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Year-round Production

The ideal growth temperature for strawberries is around 17-20° Celsius and 10° Celsius at night. It is important to keep the temperature slightly cool and to manage the environment in the greenhouse according to the growth period. Within the gardening facility, it is easy to create the above environment in winter, that is why consumers mostly enjoy strawberries only in winter. Manna CEA has developed an energy efficient way to cultivate strawberries in summer, helping to produce strawberries during all four seasons. This system was developed taking into account environment issues such as global warming. Moreover, this system allows you to grow strawberries in the Middle East region where strawberry cultivation has been considered to be difficult before.

Productivy, Taste & Nutrition

Continuous environmental control monitoring increases weight, quality, taste, and nutrients of strawberry. Efficient management and product quality improvement reduce operation costs and increase sales.

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Green Tech Design was developed to address current climate change issues. It is future oriented and contains philosophy of sustainability. We are constantly developing our technologies to make production of strawberries anywhere in the world possible.

Smart Scaling

There are two types of strawberry growing systems: chamber type and multi-layer type. Our clients can select cultivation system types in the quotation program.

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What Is Aquaponics

The USDA-certified Aquaponics system is a virtuous cycle system for raising fish and plants together. Based on bio-engineering technology, it does not use chemical fertilizers as in conventional hydroponic cultures, which reduces operating costs, increases production by 15%, reduces disease risk and is relatively nutrient-rich.

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