Farm Quotation System is available now!

Starting from today, we are introducing a farm estimation system on our website.

You can easily learn your farm construction budget by combining the data of quotation system and Manna CEA and that is providing smart farm solutions domestically and overseas. By choosing the location and land area, crop and cultivation methods you want to construct, you get a rough estimate in less than a minute. The crops available on the automatic quotation systems are salad greens, strawberries and cannabis. We will keep expanding crop variety in the future.
by Jeon Taebyeong / CEO
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Salading has launched 4 new salad menu on November 11th

We have prepared new salad recipes reflecting feedback from our customers on the original salad menu which was introduced last fall. In particular, this new menu has increased the amount of protein in consideration of nutritional balance.

Our new menu list is as follows

Chicken Noodle Shrimp Salad

Mexican Salad

Cup Salad

Chicken Potato Salad
New menu ingredients:

Chicken Noodle Shrimp Salad -
Thai food style salad consisting of egg noodles, chicken tender, shrimp and broccoli with sweet chili sauce.

Mexican Salad –
Salad with a variety of ingredients such as onion, cucumber chili, corn, white cheese and grill chicken.

Cup salad –
Salad with a great combination of ingredients such as olive, roasted garlic, kidney bean, tomatoes, cheese and meatball dressed with garlic sauce.

Chicken plate salad –
High-protein salad with roasted chicken tender, celery and mashed potato.

We will keep developing new original salad recipes that reflect our customers feedback.
by Jeon Taebyeong / CEO
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